Photos of Current & Previous Exhibits
The ground floor "Keeping Room" at the General Wait House
has changing exhibits on local history.

The Opening of the Exhibit
Featuring the Drum & Sword
September 2004

Furniture Show
The Opening of the Current Exhibit
of 19th Century Furniture
September 2015

Glass Negative Collection
We have over 800 glass photographic negatives of the Mad River Valley from the 1870's to the 1900's that we have been restoring and cataloging. To preserve the negatives from too much handling, we have made slides made for presentation at programs. The entire collection is now available for viewing on the web, through the website at The album contains all the photos, from oo1 to 813. Click on Album 1 through 8, and then click on any thumbnail and the corresponding photo will be enlarged so you can see it better. The picture number is in pretty small print at the bottom. When you're finished click the BACK Arrow at the upper left corner of the webpage until you return to this website (it may take several clicks) or just retype

Out of the collection of 813 historical photographs only about half have been identified so far. We would love your help, if you recognize anything. It's obvious some of the city shots and the red rock landscapes aren't the Mad River Valley, but there are a lot of local pictures that just aren't familiar, and we need your help. Currently the list of captions is being worked on and about half of the photos have been retouched and captioned. If you recognize a house or a landscape, drop an e-mail to Webmaster.

Historical Papers and Other Artifacts
We are also building a research library of books, local genealogies, and other materials, which will be helpful to our school children and the public in learning about 19th century life in the Mad River Valley. Access to this collection will be made available through the website as time allows.



80 of the slides from the glass negative collection have been made into a video slideshow called "As We Were," with narration, which is available on YouTube. Just click HERE

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